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EVSN: Escape Velocity Space News

Jan 29, 2021

Dark matter is only acted upon by the force of gravity according to new research, which constrains the potential range of mass for the elusive particles. Plus, how precipitation affects the Earth’s crust, a pair of ancient asteroid impacts in Germany, NASA’s Day of Remembrance, and this week’s What’s Up.

Jan 28, 2021

Join us for this week's Rocket Roundup with host Annie Wilson as we look back at the launches that happened over the last week, including one Rocket Lab and two SpaceX… wait, more Starlink? checks notes Yes, more Starlink.

Jan 27, 2021

It’s a day ending in ‘y’, and planetary formation theories are once again being challenged. This time the challenge comes from a six-planet system with five planets in resonance. Plus a cloudless Jupiter, TRAPPIST-1, volcanoes, and some science of the weird.

Jan 26, 2021

A data visualization designer has created an interactive graphic that allows us to explore all 50 gravitational wave events recorded to date, and some even have sounds! Plus, blue jet lightning and all the planetary science stories we can handle. Happy Friday!

Jan 22, 2021

Researchers measured the concentration of carbon-14 in tree-ring archives to recreate over one thousand years’ worth of solar activity. Plus amazing solar structures, earthquake forensics IN SPACE, Martian glaciers, a cold quasar and our weekly What’s Up segment.