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EVSN: Escape Velocity Space News

Jun 30, 2021

On this week's Rocket Roundup, a sounding rocket launches with student payloads, the Russian Space Force launches a classified satellite, and finally, a routine ISS resupply mission. Plus, this week in rocket history, we look back at STS-71 and the first Shuttle-Mir docking.

Jun 29, 2021

About 900 million miles away in two different galaxies, a black hole and a neutron star merged, and their gravitational waves have been detected here on Earth. These detections add another type of merger to the collection so far discovered. Plus, new composition data on Mars’ south polar cap and a look back at the...

Jun 25, 2021

The fossilized teeth and bones of baby dinosaurs found in northern Alaska may indicate that dinosaurs didn’t just summer in the Arctic but nested and raised their young there. Plus, the cosmic dawn, a cosmic hand, black holes, and preserving core samples for the future of science.

Jun 24, 2021

New high-resolution images captured by the SOFIA airborne telescope have given scientists the first clear view of a massive star-forming region here in the Milky Way, including an expanding bubble of gas. Plus, finding Earth-like exoplanets, detecting life on Earth, and this week’s What’s Up, featuring the...

Jun 23, 2021

On this week’s Rocket Roundup, the Chinese send a crewed mission to their new space station, SpaceX launches some new GPS satellites, China adds to their Yaogan satellite constellation, and Mauritius yeets a CubeSat from the International Space Station. Plus, this week in rocket history, we look back at the...